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CAD Conversion

Sirius Digital Archiving is a provider of data conversion services to the engineering, architecture, and mapping communities. We are based in Princeton, New Jersey, with offices and production facilities in Walnut Creek, California, and in New Delhi, India.

Sirius' mission is to provide the highest quality conversion of hand-drawn designs to CAD-compatible digital files, at the lowest possible price. All major vector formats are supported. Data conversion is performed manually by highly skilled professionals.

Our competitive pricing — up to 75% less than domestic suppliers, whether in-house or subcontractors — results from utilizing the talents of off-shore professionals, employed in our offices in India. Work is conveyed electronically to India and back, to ensure a rapid turnaround.

Please send inquiries to cad@siriuslink.com.

Free Evaluation Samples

Put our CAD conversion service to the test! Sirius Digital Archiving offers free evaluation samples of our work to prospective clients.

Please send us two low-to-medium-density drawings or one high-complexity drawing, on paper or as raster files.

We will return your original drawings as well as the converted vector files (on floppy diskette, CD-ROM, Zip disk, by email, or by FTP), along with a detailed quotation based on your needs and project requirements.

Contact us for further details:

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Fax: 609.737.7858

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